An estate of two-room houses in Warsaw, Poland

The Inter-Arch studio has created an urban and architectural concept of an intimate complex of single-family houses, fostering the development of neighborly ties.

More and more often you hear about design searches in the field of social areas of estates. During the work on the presented project, the Inter-Arch Architekci team took into account the need for communication and the desire to establish neighborly relations, and at the same time a sense of separateness, but without alienation – common in most newly emerging houses. In order to make it easier for residents to meet, the designers proposed solutions focusing on friendly spaces inside the estate. These are places outside the inner street, which the residents returning to their homes enter the estate. The architects have created common spaces between the properties, where the youngest can have fun, and their parents can talk or relax in the evenings in a larger group.

The urban planning assumption was to create a residential enclave with three functional zones: a communication and front zone, a private zone and a common area. An additional element emphasizing the friendliness of life in the estate is the openness of all zones, without separating them. Only the spaces of private gardens are to be separated with greenery. Another assumption was to shape the architecture in such a way that the twin buildings gave the impression of being free-standing. This gives users a sense of comfort, intimacy and independence.
Due to the location, the white color of the blocks was chosen. On the facades there is space for natural wood and stone that add warmth and cosiness. The stone was used to highlight the entrances to the intimate common spaces. It was also supposed to give a sense of security to private zones separated from them.
The layout of rooms in individual houses on the estate assumes that each of them is designed for a family of 4-5 people. The design assumptions make it possible to freely adjust the interior layout to the needs of the future user. To reduce the common problem with parking spaces and make the most of the space, garages are located underground. There are two places in the private garage for one premises, one place for guests in the common part of the garage and one place on the premises. There are also parking spaces in front of the entrance gate to the estate. Due to its nature, the estate will be equipped with all renewable energy systems (heat pumps, solar collectors, photovoltaics).
The Inter-Arch Architekci project shows how a semi-detached housing estate can function, intended for people who want to live on the outskirts of a large city. This is a project for those who are looking for a place that gives a sense of peace and relaxation for the family and neighbors who, over time, also become friends of the house.
Ground floor


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