Apartment in Mokotów

An enclave of peace

The presented apartment is located in the heart of Warsaw’s green Mokotów, near the Morskie Oko Park and Sielecki Park. Relatively close from here to the center of the capital, yet far enough so that the tiring hustle and bustle of the city does not reach here. The vicinity of other green areas: Park Promenada, Park Szustrów, or Łazienki Królewskie puts this location in the absolute top of the capital. A green oasis that is a witness to the historical events of several generations of Mokotów residents, it is a perfect neighborhood for owners, townspeople, who highly value peace.

The investors asked the architect Agnieszka Buczkowska-Korlińska, the owner of the Inter-Arch Architekci studio, for help in designing the apartment. They knew her design style, so the proposed solutions and style of work were not a secret for them. ”We started our conversations with questions about the lifestyle of the residents in order to better adapt the existing space to their expectations. The apartment was finished, but after analyzing the needs of the owners, it turned out that it requires major changes, including a new functional layout. After rearranging, a bright living room with a dining room and a kitchen was created. By taking the unused communication zone, we also managed to find space for an additional three wardrobes. When developing the concept, we dealt with an engaged and conscious client, which motivated us to creative work even more, ”explains Agnieszka Buczkowska-Korlińska.

photo. Yassen Hristov

Living room and dining room – the heart of the house When designing the interior of the apartment, a lot of attention was paid to the seating and dining area, ensuring that all details, from furniture to lighting and decorations, were properly selected and did not overwhelm the space. Against the background of light walls in the living room there is a gray sofa by Loop & Co. It not only fits in with the latest trends, but is also a comfortable piece of furniture to rest next to the TV zone. The owners wanted the apartment to be functional and easy to clean. That is why there are many amenities in the house, for example compartments flush with the walls, a practical laundry room or a pantry. The living room blends seamlessly with the kitchen and dining area. Its heart is the modern white Cattelan Skorpio table on a geometric base that creates unusual patterns depending on the viewing angle. The family meets there for meals, and the housewife creates new ideas for her paintings. At the table there is a complementary concept of the living room, simple in the form of Airnova Giada chairs.
Functionally and in harmony with nature The kitchen has been designed to lose its “kitchen” character a bit. On the floor, instead of traditional tiles, oak planks (the same as in the entire living room) were placed, and most of the upper cabinets were left in white so that they would not compete with the rest of the room. The kitchen is extended with an eye-catching dark-colored kitchen island with a hob, sink and worktop. There is a place for illuminated compartments or a recess for plants (only their green “hairs” stick out from above the top). The island is made of black flamed granite which gives the work area a restrained elegance. A special cooktop extractor system, integrated with the Bora induction hob, also takes care of the luxurious overtone of the kitchen. Placed directly in the hob, it absorbs odors directly from the pots, so that the vapors do not rise and do not pollute the rooms.
Creative minimalism reigns in the bedroom. A white bookcase with wooden elements is a timeless and modern proposition, ideally suited to owners who appreciate elegance and warmth in the interior. Thanks to the natural accents, despite the certain severity of the white and the concrete wall above the bed, the bedroom looks very cozy.
There is a lot of white in the house, but the interiors do not seem flat, among others thanks to the use of various types of light, both spot and local, and mood-setting highlights. In the living room above the table and in the dining room, the Discoco lamps by Marchet dominate. Some resemble artichoke, others floral decorations … One thing is for sure! The lamp petals create a beautiful play of light that harmonizes well with this environment. The owners really wanted to achieve a warm atmosphere and rest in the evening. A cozy atmosphere in the bedroom is achieved thanks to NewAge DesignHeure lamps, with adjustable lampshade height and eye-catching red cable. Light shining from a triangular lampshade at different angles gives the bedroom area lightness.
The cooperation between the architect and the investor was very creative and developmental. Thanks to their mutual fascination with art, they quickly managed to find an agreement on the aesthetics of the project. Investors wanted to combine contemporary forms with the warmth of wood, maximum use of space and high-quality equipment. Therefore, at their request, a lot of hidden compartments were designed, an open kitchen and a bright, comfortable, very representative bathroom were exposed. The apartment was finished to a very high standard. It measures 150 m2 and comprises three bedrooms, a living room with an open kitchen, a hall, two bathrooms and a toilet, and three wardrobes. Additionally, there is a separate laundry room and a separate place for storing food supplies.
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